It has conserved its initial cinder coating, flexible to the hoof and the shoe. It goes through the Land of Herve from north to south and makes you discover a region where a rich variety of landscapes, plants and buildings still exists and are the witnesses of the past.

Starting at the former train station of Herve, reassigned in the Main Tourist Office from the Land of Herve and in a bar, the Line 38 takes you to Thimister and Clermont-sur-Berwinne, one of the most beautiful village of Wallonia.

The Main Tourist Office is renting mountain bikes and even offers electric bicycles. It was the first to get into this experience.

Fee: €15 by bike for half a day and €23 for the whole day. You will be demanded a deposit of €100 by bike. Be careful, booking in advance is preferable. Call : 087 69 31 70.